Everyone’s been talking about it for ages…

That get together of all LSU Tumblr users…

Well, it’s finally happening.

You are cordially invited to the 1st (Hopefully) Annual LSU Tumblr Tailgate.

So, let’s get down to business.


  • A tent
  • A table to play beer pong on
  • An ice chest
  • A Ladderball set


  • Another tent
  • Some kind of boom box/stereo
  • Another beer pong table
  • Any other tailgating games (ring toss, etc.)
  • More ice chests
  • Lawn chairs/shit to sit on 

The tailgate will be on the Parade Grounds between the War Memorial and the Union.  We have a tent, but if someone happens to have one and would be willing to set up next to us, it would be greatly appreciated. As for the time it starts… we’re not sure yet, but we will definitely let y’all know. 

Food:  We usually don’t have much food at our tailgates, as the Union is right next door and really convenient for grabbing something quick.  If you would like to bring food, however, you are more than welcome to!

Alcohol:  We will hopefully have a lot of beer for beer pong, but if you would like to play, we ask that you either 1) chip in a few bucks (no more than 4 or 5 dollars) so we can walk and buy some more or 2) bring beer (a small pack of cheap beer works just fine).  As for hard liquor: BYOB, cause that shit’s expensive, and let’s be honest, we are all broke ass bitches. 

You are welcome to stay all day if you like (some of us will be going to the game and some of us will be staying behind at the tailgate); or if you just wanna stop by for a few minutes and play a game of beer pong, that’s cool too. We just want to get all of the awesome LSU Tumblr people together! 

Me and my friends are super excited about this, and we want it to hopefully turn into something that can be carried on the next few years.  PLEASE, everyone come out and see us for at least a little while and meet your fellow tiger crazed Tumblr freaks.  Let’s get drunk as shit and have a bomb ass time.  Geaux Tigers!

**if you can help out with any of the stuff we need (table, tent, etc.) please message me on yougotolsuwhen or on my personal (he-lives-in-ghandi).  You will be repayed with free alcohol :)


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    HOLY SHIT BATMAN, the one time this happens is the one game I can’t go to lol what the effffffffff
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