@Anonymous "I feel like if i don't join a sorority, i won't have friends? everyone i know who goes here says that i need to join in order to be a part of things? help??"

No.  There’s 30,000 people on LSU’s campus any given day.  Sure there are a lot of people in Greek Life and other organizations, but I went through my four years at LSU without joining any clubs and I still had an incredible college experience.  Not that I’m saying you shouldn’t or anything, but you absolutely don’t have to stretch yourself across 6 different groups in order to have an enjoyable experience.  

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@Anonymous "I'm 18 and a girl and going to lsu next year and pretty excited"

Ahhh you should be!  I’m actually graduating this semester and can honestly say I’m gonna miss the shit out of LSU.  

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@Anonymous "How old r u"

i m 21 but basicly like 22 so like 21 an 3 quarter how old r u 

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@Anonymous "Are u a girl or guy"

i m a guy wut r u

@Anonymous "So I'm from way up north like Ohio and i was wondering if you've ever see any discrimination towards northerners and do you think that I'd be treated the like the odd ball?"

LSU has a massive amount of students that attend from out of state.  Just within my group of friends, I know people from Massachusetts, Texas, California, Illinois, and Mississippi.  It’s kind of hard to distinguish the out of state people from the in state people, so I can’t really say that there’s any noticeable discrimination towards northerners haha. 

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@noellka "Hello! What can you tell me about LSU's honors college? I'm thinking about going next year (I got a $62,000 scholarship) and I want to know more about it! Also, what's mardi gras like at LSU?"

I do know that LSU has a great honors college, but I honestly don’t really know anything too specific about it.  But there are definitely perks with being in the Honors College.  The HC dorms are newer and much nicer than other dorms, and I’m pretty sure Honors kids get to schedule before most other people, which is a definite plus.

And as far as Mardi Gras at LSU specifically, I can’t really say that there’s much that goes on.  Baton Rouge has a few really fun parades like Southdowns and Spanish Town, but Baton Rouge is also only an hour from New Orleans (and I don’t think I really need to explain what Mardi Gras there is like).

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@hashtagcle "Hi I'm from ohio and i don't know what it was about lsu that made me wanna apply but I did and got in. I'm really apprehensive about going down there only because I won't know anyone and because I don't know how different the lifestyles are.. I guess I'm just curious as to how easily I'll feel at home. Also my friend goes to Alabama and says everyone in the south is involved in Greeklife otherwise you're an outkast. Is that true?!!! Thanks!"

Hey!  Sorry, it’s been a really long time since I’ve gotten on here, didn’t mean to leave you hanging.  

LSU is huge.  There’s almost 30,000 people who either go to school or are employed with the university.  While Greek life is a big part of LSU, not being in a fraternity or sorority doesn’t put you in the minority.  Nobody really cares either way if you’re in greek life or not hahaha.  Ohio is definitely a different place than Baton Rouge, but most of my friends are from out of state, and they all have adjusted very well, and most of them have moved here permanently.  Life in the South (especially South Louisiana) is definitely different and takes a little bit of getting used to, but it’s a unique place to be, and definitely worth it.

Hope this helps out!



LOL nice try Arkansas. 

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“The Boot” is ready for the trip to Fayetteville. GEAUX TIGERS!!!

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